Participate in research

Our research is only possible because people help us out by letting us study their minds and brains. Participating as a subject is a great way to learn about Saxelab research and even earn a little money on the side.

If you are a parent

You can learn more about our current projects and email MIT Kids Brains if you are interested in enrolling your child as a Saxelab participant.

If you are an adult participant

Are you interested in getting your brain scanned? You can join the department mailing list and watch this video to learn how an fMRI study session would go (credit to the Fedorenko Lab). We also run behavioral experiments on online platforms such as Prolific. 

Participating in research on brain development, with your infant or child

Participate in a wide range of studies conducted at the Brain and Cognitive Sciences Department

Contact Us

To get in touch, send us a message that will go directly to our lab manager.

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Our Location

Brain and Cognitive Sciences Complex
43 Vassar St, Cambridge, MA 02139

We are located in the Brain & Cognitive Sciences department on the
MIT campus, room 4021 in building 46.